1st annual conference of Society of Oncologic Imaging India (SOII) in collaboration with ESOI

Thoracic Oncology Imaging - "Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice"
February 8-10, 2019 | Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi, India

Chairman’s welcome
"I feel particularly fortunate to be associated with the first annual meeting of the “Society of Oncologic Imaging India” to be held in New Delhi during February 2019. Having been in the practice of oncologic imaging and intervention for over two decades I have come to recognize the role a radiologist plays in oncology decision making. Many times the opinion of the radiologist has far reaching consequences for the patient and the treating oncologist. It is imperative therefore that as radiologists we are fully aware of the huge responsibility that rests with us. In order to effectively discharge our responsibility there is a need to integrate with the treating team.  We need to shift our mindset from reporting imaging studies in isolation to one of participation in patient management.  To equip ourselves with the requisite tools a basic understanding of oncology principles becomes necessary. This becomes possible by engaging in regular discussions with oncologists and participation in tumor boards. SOIICON 2019 will provide the ideal platform to develop the skills the radiologist needs to practice in an oncology set up."

Dr. Arvind K Chaturvedi
Conference Chairman
President Society of Oncologic Imaging, India