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ESOI Webinars
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In May 2015 ESOI started to offer a series of educational webinars with various topics related to oncologic imaging and has continued with another series in 2016.
The webinars were very successful and well visited in the past two years and attracted many international participants from all over the world.
Hence, ESOI has planned to organize 13 webinars on various topics in 2017.
Each webinar will last approximately 60 minutes (50 min. presentation and 10 min. for discussion/questions).

Registration for the first 2 online educational webinars will be free of charge and will be open to every interested participant.
Webinars 3-13 will be free of charge but only open to active ESOI members. Membership is offered for 30,00 € to full and associate members and for 10,00 € to residents.

The online educational webinars of ESOI are kindly supported by Bracco.

Upcoming Webinar 2017

2. Imaging and differential diagnosis of orbital tumours

Ulrich G. Mueller-Lisse, Munich/DE
Monday, February 27, 2017
6:00 PM (CET)

Prof. Mueller-Lisse will continue the series of ESOI webinars 2017 with a lecture on the title "Imaging and differential diagnosis of orbital tumours".


(This webinar is free of charge and open to every interested participant!)


Radiological imaging of the orbit remains a challenge even with modern cross-sectional imaging technology. Visual comparison between the right and left orbit is one key element in clinical radiology reports and interpretation of findings in cross-sectional images. Both image acquisition and image reconstruction therefore aim at symmetrical depiction of the orbit and its contents in all planes of imaging. Multi-detector-row CT (MDCT) offers thin collimation, 3D data sets with multi-planar image reformatting that greatly improve CT-precision, and distinction of bone, soft tissue, fat tissue, and gas. MDCT is fast, ubiquitously available, offers low-dose options, and may not require intravenous contrast media. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) includes thin-slice and 3D imaging options, multi-planar image acquisition, high-matrix imaging and many soft-tissue contrast options; it may require contrast media. The drawbacks of MRI include its relatively slow image acquisition and waiting lists in many departments. Positron emission tomography with combined CT (PET-CT) is a problem-solving modality in some tumour entities.

Localization of intra-orbital findings and image interpretation are facilitated by dividing the orbit into compartments, including the extra-conal space, the intra-conal space, the optic nerve, and the ocular bulb, and quadrants, including the upper and lower medial and lateral quadrants, respectively.

The webinar introduces cross-sectional imaging and anatomy of the orbit along with the concept of orbital compartments, based on different clinical radiology cases.

Learning Objectives:


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ESOI Executive Board 2017-2019 proposal
ESOI General Assembly, March 3, 2017

This is to kindly inform you that the ESOI General Assembly is scheduled for March 3, 2017 on occassion of the ECR 2017.
Kindly note that only ESOI members in good standing having paid ther membership fee for 2017 are invited to attend the assembly.

Moreover, as this assembly takes place during the ECR 2017 all participants are required to register for the congress and cover the registration fee themselves.

The ESOI Executive Board 2015-2017 has nominated the below stated persons to stand the following positions within the Executive Board for the term of office 2017-2019:

Vice President Andrea Laghi
Treasurer Sofia Gourtsoyianni
Secretary Tobias Bäuerle
Member at Large Marius Mayerhöfer
Member at Large Thomas Helmberger
Chairperson Educational Committee Melvin D'Anastasi
Chairperson Research Committee Heinz Peter Schlemmer
Chairperson Communication Committee Emanuele Neri
Chairperson Young Radiologists Committee Caruso Damiano

Kindly note that there will be a vote at the ESOI General Assembly to approve of those nominations.